Requests tab

In the Requests tab, you can perform various actions such as creating a new request, viewing an existing request, copying an existing request, editing a request, deleting a draft request, and filtering the request list.

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Figure 1. Requests list tab

  1. Use the Search field to search the Request name or Event name. The Requests list updates as you type

  2. By default, the request list displays requests that you are watching. Use the All checkbox to include requests that you are not watching but have access to
  3. Use the Archived checkbox to show all archived requests
  4. Use the Bot dropdown list to filter requests by the Bot used to make the request
  5. Use the Assigned to dropdown to filter requests by whether the current step is assigned to you, a team member, or to no one
  6. Use the Status dropdown list to filter requests by the current status of the request
  7. Use the Bidding deadline dropdown to filter according to bidding deadlines, selecting from the earliest first or the latest
  8. Use the Requestor dropdown list to filter requests by the email of the person who made the request 
  9. Click New request to create a new request.
  10. Name: Lists the unique identification of the request; the name is comprised of the abbreviated Bot code and a number. The number is incremented with each new request
  11. Event name: Lists the name of the Sourcing event
  12. Bot: Lists the Sourcing Bot used to make the request
  13. Assigned to: Lists who the current step is assigned to; you or a team member
  14. Status: Lists the current status of the request — Draft, Pending Supplier Selection, Pending Award, Pending Approval, Bidding Completed, and Rejected
  15. Bidding deadline: Lists the date that the bidding will close
  16. Requestor: Lists the email account of the user that made the request
  17. Pagination controls: Use the pagination controls to navigate to other pages of requests. Click the pagination numbers to select different options for the number of rows displayed per page
  18. Archive, copy, or open a request. The option to ba request is available for draft requests.