Our webinars provide an overview of key information and functions for getting the most out of Sourcing Optimizer. Webinars can be viewed in any order, and each webinar includes an overview of the content, as well as a brief summary of what is discussed.

Figure 1. Keelvarsity webinars

Webinar catalog:

All recordings of the previous webinars are available in Keelvarsity. You'll find a link at the end of each webinar description below. Please, do not hesitate to contact the support team or your CSM if you do not have access to the Keelvarsity training portal.

To access our webinars from each of the links, a user must first be logged into Keelvarsity.

  • This episode will highlight the Keelvar Pro Series, offering insider tips from our professional services team for mastering Keelvar, a step-by-step guide to accessing gated content, an overview of navigating article categories, and a practical case study demonstrating the application of Pro Series tips in a real business scenario. View webinar.
  • Keelvar Autonomous Sourcing allows you to automate simple, repetitive, time-intensive sourcing so you can free up time to focus more on complex, high-value strategic events. With our new self-service, no-code Workflow Builder, you can now build your own custom automated workflows in minutes! No coding or need for Keelvar support - it’s simple to use. You can build a new workflow from scratch or customize a template from the new template library. You can also easily create your own template from pre-existing Sourcing Optimizer events. Not only this but you can now fully automate intake and export the data into any system with our new intake and export integrations via API. View webinar.
  • Keelvar Autonomous Sourcing presents an exciting advancement with its self-service feature, enabling users to streamline sourcing processes effortlessly. With the innovative Workflow Builder, which requires no coding or support, users can swiftly create personalized automated workflows, saving time for strategic tasks. Whether starting from scratch or utilizing templates, customization is made easy, while integration with APIs allows seamless data intake and exportation. View webinar.
  • In this episode, we'll highlight the new RFI Scoring feature in Keelvar. Learn how to enable and incorporate it into your RFx processes, including leveraging Question Weighting for prioritization. By the end, you'll grasp how to maximize the value of RFI Scoring, advancing your expertise in Keelvar. Join us as we explore this exciting new functionality and propel your RFx strategies forward. View webinar.
  • In this episode, we will highlight and showcase how to progress in becoming a Keelvar expert, provide an introduction to Customer Success at Keelvar, and educate you about Keelvarsity, our support resources, Knowledge Base, and Bidder Success Toolkit. Our goal is to introduce you to Keelvar Customer Success, help you gain a better understanding of how to leverage all the available resources for your success and guide you in advancing your expertise in Keelvar. View webinar.
  • By the end of this webinar we will introduce you to ALICE our shipment bot, help you better understand how to leverage ALICE for various use cases, and learn about best practice to ensure you are comfortable and know the types of events where ALICE can deliver you more value to you and your team. View webinar.
  • In this episode, we will highlight and showcase how to simply collect rates in multiple currencies by leveraging our new Linked Currencies feature as well as show you best practices in working with currency within Keelvar. By the end of this webinar you will better understand how to set up and use the linked currency feature to flawlessly manage your multi-currency event and enhance the bidder experience. View webinar.
  • In this episode we share the best practices to drive bidder engagement and performance at each stage during an RFQ to maximize the participation, coverage, and ensure a seamless experience for bidders. By the end of this webinar you will be able to walk away with the knowledge and resources to drive bidder engagement and performance to achieve maximum value from your RFQs. View webinar.

  • This episode is intended for users who haven’t leveraged scenario analysis in the past or have only used it sparingly. We’ll cover common scenarios with basic rules that will help you understand the concepts as well as scale up your usage of the feature. By the end of this webinar you will walk away with a better understanding of Scenario Optimization and how to successfully build and run scenarios in your sourcing events. View Webinar.

  • In this Keelvarsity Webinar, Senior Procurement Consultant, Jordan Rose, dives into the Keelvar RFI functionality and uncover techniques & best practices to help provide you with improved outcomes from your sourcing events. View webinar.

  • In this episode, we'll show you how to implement an effective data validation strategy and enhance bidder participation. By using Keelvar's Data Validation features and rules, you can reduce your RFP cycle time and the manual efforts associated with data cleansing and validation. View webinar.

  • In this episode we will focus on Reporting: Unlocking hidden value within Keelvar. We will discuss creative ways to leverage reporting within Keelvar, as well as our new negotiation guide to help aid in analysis and decision making. View webinar.

  • In this episode, we focus on Bidder Success and how to enhance your bidder experience. Expect real time examples of the registration process, bid submittal process, and troubleshooting error messages. We will also be highlighting how to use the Keelvar Support portal. View webinar.

  • In this episode, we discuss two Keelvar event types — RFQs and Auctions — and how to choose the best option for your sourcing event. View webinar.

  • Gain a broader perspective on the optimal award decision for your event, learn about best practice for constraint based scenario analysis, and use Award communication to configure the type of award feedback you choose to provide to bidders. View webinar.

  • In this webinar, we focus on supplier segmentation and feedback types, feedback formulas and functions and outlier analysis. View Webinar.

  • Principal consultant, Panos Stavrakos, discusses the importance of reducing Scope 3 emissions, demonstrates how to leverage Sourcing Optimizer to minimize Scope 3 emissions, while maximizing the effect to on you budget. This demo also includes how to design sourcing scenarios that look beyond the lowest cost model. View webinar.

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