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Keelvar v23.33

7 March 2023 

What's new

Autonomous Sourcing


We have added a Watchlist feature to the requests tab. The Watchlist features all requests that the user is watching. Standard users and Bot Owners can select a filter option to display all requests made using the Bot. 

  • Click the eye icon on the left side of the request name in the request list table
    • Select Watching to watch the request. The request will be added to the Watchlist and the user will receive notifications for request updates. 
    • Select Not watching to no longer watch a request. The request is removed from the Watchlist and the user will no longer receive notifications for request updates
  • Hover over the eye icon to determine each request's watch status
    • A bold eye icon is a watched request
    • A gray eye icon is an unwatched request

Bot user role

As part of an ongoing enhancement to Autonomous Sourcing, we have added a Bot user role feature which allows user's and teams to be added to a Bot, and assigned a role for the Bot.

  • The role of Bot Owner is automatically assigned when a user creates a Bot
  • The Bots tab is only visible to bot owners, and only the Bots that the user is responsible for will appear.

Table 1 lists the Bot user roles available for each user account

Permissions Bot Owner Standard User Restricted User
Configure Bot user role Yes No No
Create a request Yes Yes Yes
View my requests Yes Yes Yes
View all requests Yes Yes No
Self-assign requests Yes Yes No
User management Yes No No

Table 1. Autonomous Sourcing Bot user roles

Keelvar v23.28

3 March 2023 

What's new

Autonomous Sourcing

We have added a new file attachment feature that allows users to upload supporting documents when creating a request. 

  • Users can add up to 10 supporting documents in the Additional details step of the add request flow
  • All additional details and supporting documents are included in the invitation email suppliers will receive