Keelvar v23.43

28 March 2023 

What's new

Sourcing Optimizer

Syntax highlighting for formulas

Now you can distinguish between different expressions of a formula with syntax highlighting. This UI improvement better enables users to understand and troubleshoot formulas. This feature has been implemented for both Primary and Secondary cost calculations.

Figure 2. Design — Cost Calculation — Primary


We have added a second pagination control to the Columns tab on the Bid Sheet page. You can now navigate between pages by using the original pagination controls at the top of the page, and the additional controls at the bottom of the page. This extra feature allows you to move between pages faster and reduces the need to scroll to the top to change pages.

Figure 1. Design — Bid Sheet — Column

Keelvar v23.33

7 March 2023 

What's new

Autonomous Sourcing


We have added a Watchlist feature to the requests tab. The Watchlist features all requests that the user is watching. Standard users and Bot Owners can select a filter option to display all requests made using the Bot. 

  • Click the eye icon on the left side of the request name in the request list table
    • Select Watching to watch the request. The request will be added to the Watchlist and the user will receive notifications for request updates. 
    • Select Not watching to no longer watch a request. The request is removed from the Watchlist and the user will no longer receive notifications for request updates
  • Hover over the eye icon to determine each request's watch status
    • A bold eye icon is a watched request
    • A gray eye icon is an unwatched request

Bot user role

As part of an ongoing enhancement to Autonomous Sourcing, we have added a Bot user role feature which allows user's and teams to be added to a Bot, and assigned a role for the Bot.

  • The role of Bot Owner is automatically assigned when a user creates a Bot
  • The Bots tab is only visible to bot owners, and only the Bots that the user is responsible for will appear.

Table 1 lists the Bot user roles available for each user account

Permissions Bot Owner Standard User Restricted User
Configure Bot user role Yes No No
Create a request Yes Yes Yes
View my requests Yes Yes Yes
View all requests Yes Yes No
Self-assign requests Yes Yes No
User management Yes No No

Table 1. Autonomous Sourcing Bot user roles

Keelvar v23.28

3 March 2023 

What's new

Autonomous Sourcing

We have added a new file attachment feature that allows users to upload supporting documents when creating a request. 

  • Users can add up to 10 supporting documents in the Additional details step of the add request flow
  • All additional details and supporting documents are included in the invitation email suppliers will receive