Bot user roles

In Autonomous Sourcing, there are bot user roles that can be assigned to a user or a team within an account. The role for which a user or team is assigned will determine the user's permissions or abilities.

The Bots tab displays only Bots that they have the Bot Owner role for. There must be at least one Bot Owner for each Bot.

Bot user roles 

Users and teams can be given a role within a bot. A user or team can only be assigned one role per Bot, but they can be assigned the same role or a different role on another Bot.

There are three types of bot user roles:

  1. Bot Owner: The user can create a request, see their requests, see requests created by other users in their organization, and manage user access. The Bot Owner can also perform any action on any step for a request.
  2. Standard User: The user can create a request, see their request, and see requests created by other users within their organization 
  3. Restricted User: The user can create a request and see their request

The table below lists the Bot user roles available for each user account:

Permissions Bot Owner Standard User  Restricted User
Configure Bot user role Yes No No
Create a request Yes Yes Yes
View my requests Yes Yes Yes
View all requests Yes Yes No
Self-assign requests Yes Yes No
User management Yes No No

Please contact the support team if you need to change the assignment of Approvers, Supplier Selectors, or Awarders.