Team user roles

Users in an organization can be added to a team, which will allow the user to perform actions on specific steps in the request. A user can hold more than one team role. A team can be added to a Bot by the Bot Owner. Teams are configured by Professional Services.

Team user roles

There are three different Team user roles in Autonomous Sourcing: Approver, Supplier Selector, and Awarder. Each role can perform a different function, and will interact with the Bot at different stages of the Autonomous Sourcing process. 

  • Approver: a user in a team who can approve or decline rate requests
  • Supplier Selector: a user in a team who can select the suppliers to invite
  • Awarder: a user in a team who can award the winning suppliers

All users who are added to a Bot can create a request. A user is assigned to a specific team to perform the relevant action in a request step.

The table below lists the permissions for each team role:

Permissions Approver Supplier Selector Awarder
Approve Request Yes No No
Select Supplier No Yes No
Award Request No No Yes

If you want to change the assignment of Approvers, Supplier Selectors, or Awarders, contact Keelvar Support