Keelvar v23.48

19 April 2023

What's new

Sourcing Optimizer

New notification feature

  • We have added a new notification feature which allows you to schedule an email to purchasers with a Bidder Activity report. This feature means you can track the progress of a bid, and update the team members with a scheduled Bidder Activity report, without having to log into the system.

Name change

  • To encompass the new Bidder Activity report notification, we have changed our Reminders tab to Notifications, better naming the tab and the functions that can be performed from the page.
Figure 5. Design – Schedule – Notifications

Keelvar v23.46

06 April 2023

What's new

Sourcing Optimizer

Improved backend functionality of the bid-sheet design

  • Now, dropdown values that are defined online are also available in the excel bid-sheet design file, so that you can select from all of the available options.
  • Also, values other than defined by the user in bid-sheet design are not accepted.

Figure 4. Invalid input

Delete or edit a scheduled notification

  • You can now cancel or delete a notification that has been scheduled, if it has not yet been sent or is outside of the bidding timeframe. 
Figure 3. Design – Schedule – Notifications – Delete

Figure 2. Design – Schedule – Notifications – Edit

Keelvar v23.45.0

05 April 2023

Bug Fix

Sourcing Optimizer

  • The Negotiation Guide Report was not displaying non-winners in scenarios with Secondary Cost Calculations. This bug has been been fixed.