Configuring a notification

A notification is an email notification that can be sent to bidders or team members to remind or encourage them to take action in your event. Notifications can be configured on the Notifications tab of the Schedule page. 

The following notifications can be configured in Sourcing Optimizer:

  1. Remind bidders who have not accepted the invite: an email is sent to bidders who have not accepted the invite, reminding them to accept in order to participate
  2. Remind bidders who have not bid: an email is sent to bidders who have not bid, reminding them to place their bids
  3. Update team members with a Bidder Activity report: an email is sent to team members with an update of the Bidder Activity report

This notification will send out the Bidder Activity report as an attachment

Configure a notification

To configure a notification, complete the following steps:

    1. Go to Design > Schedule.
    2. Click the Notifications tab.
    3. Navigate to the round for which you want to configure a notification.
    4. Click Add notification.
    5. Under Send email notification to, select the option for the notification you want to be sent.
    6. Under When, configure the Date and Time you want the notification to be sent.
    7. Click Save.
Figure 2. Configure a notification