Keelvar v23.52

16 May 2023

What's new

Sourcing Optimizer

Scenario Infeasibility

  • We have made significant improvements to our error messaging system to better assist you when you encounter scenario infeasibility
  • Additionally, we have introduced a new troubleshooting page that walks you through the possible causes of conflicting rules and provides step-by-step instructions on how to detect and resolve them.

Split Award by Winning Volume 

  • As a purchaser, we understand the importance of effectively communicating the volume awarded per lot to bidders. With our latest update, you now have the ability to specify and communicate the volume share awarded for each lot that a bidder wins. This empowers you to provide more transparency and clarity regarding the distribution of awarded volumes, enabling bidders to make better-informed decisions.
  • To accommodate the new Winning Volume feature, we have updated the user interface (UI) of our Sourcing Optimizer.

Figure 3. Design Split Configuration Columns

Keelvar v23.53

08 May 2023

What's new

Autonomous Sourcing

Improved Scheduling feature

  • A bidding deadline can now be edited by a Requestor in the request stage, and by an Approver in the approval stage.

Keelvar v23.52

02 May 2023

What's new

Keelvar Rebranding

We are thrilled to unveil a refreshed brand identity that authentically represents Keelvar's Sourcing Optimization and Autonomous Sourcing solutions in the market. Our team has put in countless hours of dedicated work to create a brand that not only looks visually appealing but also embodies our core values and unique offerings.

This exciting change can be seen across our products, as well as in our Keelvarsity training platform. For our support portal, we have used the opportunity to include the addition of a home page, making it easier for users to navigate to their required categories.

Take a look at our new website and support portal. 

Figure 2. Keelvar Rebrand

Figure 1. Support portal rebrand