Troubleshoot scenario infeasibility

A scenario may not work for two reasons:

  1. Conflicting Rules: The rules of the scenario conflict with one another, with other event settings, or with the data from the bids received.
  2. Evaluation Timeout: If evaluation time-out occurs, it may be due to an issue with the event.

The following table outlines potential causes for rules to be in conflict, as well as how to detect and solve them.  

Table 1. Troubleshoot scenario infeasibility
Cause How to detect it Reason Solution
Incomplete coverage

In the scenario settings turn on incomplete coverage in toggle features and re-evaluate the scenario

Awarding less volume than the total volume of the lane.

Common with Limit the Award or Custom Award rules

Allow incomplete coverage


Allocate the complete volume of the lane

Insufficient bids

Compare bidder coverage against scenario rules

Forcing allocation to bidders that did not bid on the lane.

Common with rules that force award over a specific bidder/bidders such as Limit the Number of Winners, Limit the Award or Custom Award.


Allocate the volume to a bidder that has bid on the lane

Use adjust bids by -99% to apply favorability instead of forcing the award

Insufficient bidder capacity

In the scenario settings set Bidder capacity limits" and "Bidder-defined capacity limits" toggles OFF and re-evaluate the scenario

Common with rules that force award over a specific bidder/bidders if the manually allocated volumes contradicts bidder-defined capacity limits

Disable bidder capacity limits in toggle features


Ensure that the volume allocated doesn’t not exceed bidder capacity

Exceeded allocated volume/turnover

Compare lane volume/turnover against allocation

Occurs with Custom Award or Limit the Award rules when the awarded share exceeds the total volume of the lane

Once the error is detected, correct the rule share allocation or lot volume value as needed

Split configuration

Turn on split configuration in event settings and re-evaluate the scenario

The scenario is set to split the award of a lot/lots. This is common with rules Limit the Number of Winners, Limit the Award rule of volume/turnover or Custom Award, when used to award more than one bidder per lot.

Turn on split configuration in event settings.

Splitting 'Lots' instead of 'Other'

Check for any rule that “Limit the Award of Lots to Exactly %”

Can occur when the Limit the Award rule when is intended to award a share percentage of volume but “Lots” is used as the rule metric

Update the rule metric to Other

Ensure split configuration is enabled

Share allocation less than min split configuration 1%

Check manually allocated volume

Occurs with custom award or limit the award rule when the amount of volume allocated is below 1% of the total volume of the lane

Scenario rules conflicting with one another

If there are multiple rules in a scenario, turn them all off and start turning on one by one until detecting the one that causes the conflict

One of the rules may be convergent with another rule. An example would be:

  1. Do not award any lots to bidder X

  2. Award Lot 001 to bidder X

Once the conflicting rule is detected, compare against the other rules until finding the inconsistency

Lack of bidder data/lot data

Check Lot groups / bidder groups

Occurs when a rule is set to award a Lot/Bidder groups but the groups do not containing any lots/ bidders

Add supplier/lots to the groups


Apply the rule to different supplier/lots