Approve a request

Depending on whether you can approve requests or if approval has been assigned to someone else, different messages are displayed, and different actions are available.

  • Approve — approval assigned to someone else: If someone else in your organization must approve your request, you cannot take any action and must wait until the request is approved.
  • Approve — approval assigned to you: If you can approve your own requests or if you are assigned to approve your colleagues’ requests, you can either approve or reject the request at this stage.
  • Edit bidding deadline — an approver can edit the bidding deadline by clicking the Edit, selecting a new date and time for the bidding to end, and clicking save.

Users that can perform this action are sent a Request Notification email.


If a request is rejected, the request is sent back to draft. If a request is approved, the selected suppliers are notified, and bidding is opened. When rejecting a request, you have the option to include a note.