Award a supplier

The final stage of the request is the Award stage, where you select the supplier or suppliers, you want to award the business to. 

The Award card lists the calculated cost of each supplier’s bid on each lot. You can build your award manually, or award an available scenario. 

A (43).png
Figure 1. Award a scenario
  1. Scenarios: The award card displays a selection of supplier scenarios, which are dependent on the Bot configuration
  2. Search: Use the search bar to find a required scenario
  3. No award: Close the request without awarding any suppliers
  4. Manual award: Create a manual award by starting with an empty award, or a selected scenario
  5. View: Select View to see the winner of the scenario, and the scenario breakdown
  6. Award: Select Award to award the scenario

After the submission of an award, the suppliers who have been awarded the business will be notified of their success.

Depending on the Bot configuration, Bidders who have placed a bid but were not awarded the business will also receive a notification. However, bidders who have not submitted a bid will not receive any communication.

The request in Autonomous Sourcing is now complete, and the request is closed. Users can still view the winners, and download the Bidder Activity report from the Award card.

Depending on your organization’s configuration, this stage may have to be performed by another user. Users that can perform this action are sent a Request Notification email.