Award a supplier

The final stage of the request is the Award stage, where you select the supplier, or suppliers, you want to award the business to. 

The Bids table lists the calculated cost of each supplier’s bid on each lot. 

Select winning supplier

Select the winning supplier that you want to award the business to from the table by clicking on the radio button next to their name. 

Award no supplier

To award no winner for an item, click the Award no winner radio button on the top right of the table.

Click Save and continue to award any further items.

After you have selected the winning suppliers for all items, click Submit Award.

Each item must either be awarded to a supplier, or selected as Award no winner. If the button is grayed out, then an item has not been selected as awarded or not awarded.

Once an award has been submitted, the awarded suppliers are notified that they have been awarded the business. Bidders that have placed a bid and are not awarded the business will receive a message. Bidders that have not placed a bid will not received a message. The award message to suppliers and bidders is customizable.

The request in Sourcing Automation is now complete.

Depending on your organization’s configuration, this stage may have to be performed by another user. Users that can perform this action are sent a Request Notification email.

Split Award

Select winning suppliers

Figure 1. Selection buttons in Split award

To select winning suppliers, click Select winners. Manually award the share percentage or volume according to the split award configuration in your Bot.  A Total cost column will reflect the total cost, and a Share cost column will reflect the shared cost across the chosen suppliers.

When the split share total does not match the total volume or percentage, the percentage bar will highlight in red.

Award no supplier

Select Award no winner for each item where a supplier is not awarded a share. To reject all bids and award no supplier for all items, select the red Award no suppliers button.

Split Award has to be configured by the Bot architect and cannot be toggled on as a setting for your request.