The Bot monitors and updates bids that have been accepted, placed, and submitted, and notifies you of any changes. The Bid card will display the bidding status when bidding starts, and when bidding ends. You can also review and monitor this information on the Activity and Bids tabs.

Activity tab

The Activity tab lists all the suppliers invited to bid, and indicates if they have accepted the invite and submitted a bid. 

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Figure 1. Activity tab

Bid report

Users can download reports at the Bid and Award steps of a request. These reports are beneficial when reviewing the progress of an event, and bidder participation. The reports are in Excel format.

The Bidder activity report includes the following information:

  • The bidder organization
  • The names of the individual bidders
  • The email addresses of the individual bidders
  • Who they were invited by
  • Their invitation status
  • When they were invited
  • Download and bid details.

The Bid data report is beneficial when reviewing bidder participation. The report includes the following bid information:

  • Raw Bids
  • Round Lot Bids

To download a report:

  1. Click the Download dropdown button on the bottom left of the Activity tab
  2. Select Download Activity report or Download Bid data

The feature is accessible to any user with access to the request.

Bid management

Users can manage the bidding at the Bid stage of a request:

  • Pause bidding: Pausing bidding will prevent Bidders from submitting bids
  • Change bidding deadline: Select a new date and time that the bidding will end
  • Change bidding deadline: Select a new date and time that the bidding will end
  • Add suppliers: Add supplier organizations to place bids on a request

Sending a notification to update Bidders and Watchers is optional.

Bids tab

The Bids tab displays a table which lists the calculated cost of each supplier’s bid on each lot, as well as the extended details inserted by the requestor and the bidder.

Figure 2. Bids tab

After bidding ends, the request moves to the Award stage.