Create a request

To begin the sourcing request process, navigate to the Requests tab of the Autonomous Sourcing page.

To successfully navigate through the New Request process, it is strongly advised that you open a parallel window to display the interface of Autonomous Sourcing alongside this guide.

Click the button that says New request and follow the guided steps on the screen:


  1. Select Bot 

    This section lists all available Bots that can be selected for your request. The name of the Bot and a brief description are provided.

    Click Select Bot to use the Bot for the request.

  2. Enter request details

    To enter the Request details, select Add item.

    The New item form is a template designed for your organization’s specifications. It contains the relevant fields, selectable dropdown lists, and data entry inputs used to complete your request.

    Enter the details of the request in the form provided, and then click Save.

    You can copy a Request item by selecting the copy page icon in the right hand of the column. This will duplicate the item, which can be also edited or deleted.

    image (31).png
    Figure 1. Edit, copy or delete an item
  3. Additional Details

    Optional: Bidding deadline

    Enter a date and time for the bidding to end

    Optional: Description box

    Enter any additional details in the description box provided. The description box is limited to 300 characters.

    Optional: Supporting documents

    Add up to 10 supporting documents to provide additional information on items to bidders. It included additional details and supporting documents in the invitation email suppliers will receive.

    Click Continue to move to the next step.

  4.  Review request summary

    Review a summary of your request to ensure all the entered and selected details are correct, and then click Submit request.

    After you submit your request, you can return to the Requests tab of the Sourcing Automation page.

  5. Confirm your request.