Linked Currencies

Linked Currencies, also know as Floating Currencies, is a feature that allows event organizers to link multiple price components collected from a bidder to a single column defining the currency of pricing for this group of columns.

This feature can be used by a purchaser to allow a bidder to select a specific currency on a lot, or by the purchaser to set lot specific currencies across lots, or several columns. The conversion to the main event currency is automatic and updates when columns containing pricing, in multiple currencies on a lot level and across columns, are used in formulas.

To make use of the Linked Currency feature, the events primary and additional currencies must be set on the Currency tab.

  1. Set the events' primary and secondary currencies in the Design > Overview > Currency tab.
  2. Then, create a bid sheet design using the Keelvar template by going to Design > Bid Sheet. In the bid sheet template, you can configure the parameters for each column.

To configure a linked currency, you will need to create a currency selection column, and link it to all relevant price columns, before factoring each column into your Primary cost calculation

Configure the currency selection column

Configure the currency selection column by clicking on the Price input in the default template:

  1. Change the name to reflect the column purpose
  2. Optional: Enter a description
  3. Select Input by Bidder
  4. Select Requirement as Mandatory
  5. Select Visibility as Visible to bidders
  6. Select Type as Currency Only, and select the currencies you want to make available to bidders in your bid sheet
  7. Save changes

Figure 1. Configure currencies available for selection

Configure the linked input columns

Configure the input columns for which you want linked to the currencies available for bidders

  1. Add an input column
  2. Enter a name for the column
  3. Optional: Enter a description
  4. Select Input by Bidder
  5. Select Requirement as Mandatory
  6. Select Visibility as Visible to bidders
  7. Select Type as Currency and value
  8. Select Defined by as Linked column, and select the name of your Currency Selection input as configured in the previous steps
  9. Click Save changes
  10. Repeat the steps until you have added, and linked, all of your required input columns
Figure 2. Create a currency selection input column

Figure 3. Input columns linked by Currency selection column

Figure 5. A sample bid sheet from the bidder perspective