Allow Bidder to define currency

Floating Currencies is a feature that allows event organizers to link multiple price components collected from a bidder to a single column defining the currency of pricing for this group of columns.

This feature can be used by a purchaser to allow a bidder to select a specific currency on a lot.

Figure 1. Bidder view when defining a currency

Configure the input column

To allow the Bidder to define their currency, configure the following steps:

  1. Add an input column in the Design > Bid Sheet > Columns > Add a column > Input tab.
  2. Enter a name for the input column
  3. Optional: Enter a Description
  4. Select Input by as Bidder.
  5. Select Requirement as Mandatory.
  6. Select Visibility as Visible to bidders.
  7. Select Type as Currency only and select your currencies from the available list of currencies, previously configured on the Overview page.
  8. Save changes.

Figure 2. Configuration to allow Bidder to define currency