Troubleshooting: Not Receiving Password Reset Email

If you haven’t received the password reset, there could be several reasons. Let’s explore the common scenarios and steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Check Spam and Junk Folders:
    • Occasionally, legitimate emails end up in spam or junk folders due to email filters.
    • Solution: Search your spam and junk folders for the password reset email. Mark it as “Not Spam” if found.
  2. No Account Exists:
    • If you didn’t receive a password reset email, it’s possible that you don’t have an account associated with the provided email address.
    • Solution: Double-check the exact email address you used during registration or account creation. Accounts are tied to the exact email address, so any variation (such as using a different domain or format) won’t work.
  3. Invitation Email vs. Account Email:
    • Sometimes, invitations are sent to a common inbox (e.g., rather than individual team members.
    • However, when logging in or resetting your password, you must use the exact email address to which the invitation was sent.
    • For example, if you received an invitation at, attempting to log in with won’t grant access.
    • Solution: Verify the email address associated with the invitation and use that same address for login or password reset.
  4. Contact your local IT team to check if emails were blocked by server rules before arriving in your inbox.
  5. Contact the Event Organizer or an Invited Team Member:
    • If you’ve tried the above steps and still haven’t received the email, reach out to the event organizer or an invited team member. They can verify your account details and ensure that your exact email address is correctly associated.
    • Solution: Ask them to add your precise email address to the system or resend the invitation.
    • Remember, accuracy matters when dealing with email addresses. Ensure you’re using the exact address associated with your account or invitation. If all else fails, seek assistance from your team or customer support.