Forwarding an event invitation

A Bidder can invite team members who have not been initially invited to bid on an event in one of two ways. Adding a Team Member is the most efficient option, as it does not need approval from the Purchaser. Alternatively, if you forward the invite directly to them, or they receive it via a joint inbox, they can request access. However, this step requires manual approval by the Purchaser so may result in delays in accessing the event.

When a user receives an invitation from a Bidder, they will need to register (if not already registered) with Keelvar. After registering, the event will be visible in the user's event invites section. However, the user will not yet have access to the event until further permissions are granted by the purchaser, or via Add a Team Member by a directly invited team member who has access to the event.

From the Invite page, the user may select from one of two options:
  • Request Access: the Purchaser will review the request and grant permission for the user to bid in the event, or reject participation.
  • Reject: the invitation will be rejected and you cannot participate.
If a user has requested access but it still hasn't been accepted by the purchaser yet, a team member with access can still add you directly via Adding a Team Member

Figure 1. Accept or reject an event invitation

Figure 2. Access requested and awaiting approval by Purchaser