Bid Status

To help you monitor your participation in the sourcing events you are taking part in, Keelvar Sourcing Optimizer will display the bidding status of each sourcing event (an RFP (Request for Proposal), RFQ (Request for Quotation), or RFI (Request for information)) at multiple levels. This status indicates whether you or a team member have effectively submitted bids in the sourcing event.

Events Page

A (1).jpg
Figure 1. Events page
  1. Close date: Filter an event by the closing date
  2. Event Status Filter: This feature allows you to filter by events that have not started, events that are in bidding or paused, and events that are closed

Within the Sourcing Event

Once you save an RFI answer, or successfully submit bids in the bid sheet tab, the bid status banner will update instantly and no further actions are needed. This submission will carry over from round to round automatically unless you edit your submission. 

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Figure 2. Bidding page
  1. Bid Status Banner: The Bid Status Banner displays the number of Bids and RFI responses submitted, as well as the total number of lots or RFI questions. It will also show the time and date of the latest submission. 
  2. Bid Submission Banner: At the time of submitting your bids, Sourcing Optimizer displays a green success banner to confirm the upload and bid submission has been successful. This banner closes if you navigate away from the page.
  3. Current Bid Feedback: The bid sheet includes a Current Bid Feedback column to confirm the status of the bid for each specific lot. 

Current Bid Feedback - Lot/Item Level

The bid status has three feedback icons which will display according to the event type.


  • An /x/ shows that a bid has not been placed 
  • An /i/ appears when a bid has been changed or submitted
  • A green tick appears when a round is closed, and awarded

A green tick will only appear when a round is closed, and awarded.

Figure 3. Three status icons for an RFQ


  • An /x/ shows that a bid has not been placed
  • An /i/ appears when a bid has been placed, but the system is processing the input. 
  • A green tick appears to confirm that a bid has been validated

The status of a bid can change from an /x/ to a green tick without showing the /i/ status.

Figure 4. An /x/ icon

Figure 5. An /i/ icon

Figure 6. A tick icon