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The Keelvar Support Portal features six main sections.

Sourcing Optimizer User Guide

A comprehensive user guide featuring help articles, instructions, and examples for purchasers using Sourcing Optimizer. The structure of the guide follows the menu and submenu system of Sourcing Optimizer.

Autonomous Sourcing User Guide

Supporting documentation for purchasers using Autonomous Sourcing.

Bidder User Guide

A quick start guide featuring help articles, instructions, and videos for bidders using Sourcing Optimizer.


Keelvar's Sourcing Optimizer seamlessly integrates with SAP Ariba, allowing users to choose the right tool for the job from within a familiar user interface.  


Learn about Sourcing Optimizer's powerful features and how to use them through webinar sessions with our subject experts.

Release Notes

Product release notes for new features, updates, and bug fixes.

Contacting Support

If you cannot find the answer to your question in the available documentation or have an urgent inquiry, use the Contact Support form to directly contact a member of our Support Team.

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